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Magnetic Adapter Products

Complete Adapters (4)
MSRP: $5.95
Mfg Code: NJM1100

One complete magnetic adapter consists of one straight connector and one small connector. The straight connector gets glued onto the post of a flight stand, the small connector gets glued onto the miniature. Together they allow the miniature to be attached and detached from its flight stand.

Alternatively, the two may be glued together to form an elevating stacker, allowing miniatures to avoid colliding into each other when in close proximity.

Price listed is for a pack of 4 complete adapters (containing 4 straight connectors and 4 small connectors).

On a side note, the straight connectors and the angle adapters below come in multiple pieces which must be glued together.

Small Connectors (8)
MSRP: $5.95
Mfg Code: NJM1101

Many people have far more miniatures than they will use during any given game. There is little need to adapt a hundred flight stands if the largest game played only uses twenty of them for example.

Since any small connector can work with any straight connector, only enough straight connectors are needed to satisfy the number of units used during a typical game. These packs of small connectors are for the rest of the miniatures, reducing the cost for the customer to adapt them.

Price listed is for a pack of 8 small connectors.

30°, 45°, 60°, 90° Angle Adapters (4)
MSRP: $6.95
Mfg Code: NJM1105, NJM1103, NJM1106, NJM1104 respectively

These angle connectors get inserted between the miniature and its flight stand and can be used for 3d orientation for 3d games, to indicate turning status in 2d games, or to simply create dynamic poses for the miniature in flight for display.

Four types of angle connectors are currently available, 30, 45, 60 and 90 Degree. When used individually or together, they allow miniatures to be posed in a wide variety of banking, climbing and diving orientations. The neodymium magnets hold even moderate size/weight miniatures securely at any orientation.

Please note that for optimal stability, the footprint of the base may need to be larger than shown, or weighted, to support an off-center miniature. The metal flightstands in the accessories section are ideal for these adpaters.

Price listed is for a pack of 4 angle adapters.

180° Angle Adapters (4)
MSRP: $11.95
Mfg Code: NJM1107

These 180 degree angle connectors get inserted between the miniature and its flight stand and are used to indicate inverted flight.

While the neodymium magnets are very strong, with these adapters being able to hold even moderately sized miniatures inverted, it is strongly advised to carefully test the hold strength with each miniature.

Price listed is for a pack of 4 180 degree angle adapters.

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