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The Magnetic Adapter

There are three significant problems with miniatures on flight stands:

1. Storage and transport is not efficient nor economical. A miniature and its flight stand take up a lot of room, requiring the cutting of deep holes in foam cases, lots of overhead space if secured while standing somehow, or lying on their sides.

2. Due to the first problem, stands breaking off of their miniatures is all too common and a frustrating hassle. As miniatures on stands are jostled around during transport, or squeezed between layers of foam, the stress on the small area that mates the the miniature to its stand is often more than it can bear. Few things are more annoying than opening a case and finding the miniatures you need for a game have broken off requiring hasty repair.

3. Miniatures glued onto stands tend to bump into each other when combat gets up close and personal. Miniatures nearly tipping over as they're propped up against one another, scratching the paint jobs, seems to be a necessary evil when air or space combat games are played.

If you have been frustrated by any or all of these problems, then the Ninja Magic Magnetic Adapters might be the solution you're looking for. The adapters come in two parts, a "small connector" which is glued onto the miniature and is comprised of a strong neodymium magnet glued into a toothed holder, and the "straight connector" which is a cylindrical receptor with a second magnet inside which is glued onto a flight stand. They're called "adapters" because they can be used to adapt virtually any kind of flight stand.

Once adapted, a miniature and its stand can be assembled and separated instantly, and the magnets are strong enough to securely hold even large miniatures onto their flight stands. Storage becomes a snap and with miniatures and stands stored separately, it greatly minimizes the chance of breakage.

They are also interchangeable so stands can be swapped, giving flexibility to change a miniature's base according to the game being played.

In an alternative configuration, an altitude spacer can be made from the small and straight connectors. These spacers can be used to move miniatures out of the way of each other when they get into close combat.

But that's not all...

The Magnetic Adapter System

Having a removable stand is just the beginning. Angle adapters that insert between the miniature and its flight stand allow magnetic adapter users to pose their miniatures in virtually any position. They add the flexibility to use miniatures in 3d combat games showing pitch, yaw and roll, or can be used to indicate status effects such as a in the process of turning, or crashing.

A whole variety of accessories are in the works to expand the system including Micro Adapters for particularly small miniatures, squadron adapters for multiple ships on one stand, 180 degree adapters for inverted flight, and much more!
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