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About Us


Founded in 2005, Ninja Magic is a small tabletop game company striving to produce some of the finest rules, miniatures and accessories in the industry. Customer satisfaction is first and foremost, so if there are any problems or questions regarding our products, please feel free to contact us.

The first game Ninja Magic is developing is called "With Hostile Intent," a tactical starship combat game that will offer an unprecedented level of detail in an easy to use and modular system. If all goes well, the game system itself is planned to be released in 2008 (fingers crossed) but that is only the beginning. Inside the main rulebook will merely be the introduction to an epic story that will unfold in future supplements, and may expand into a whole plethora of related games, books and other forms of entertainment.

Starship miniatures for the game are already available, and produced using state of the art tools. Highly skilled computer modelers build the ships in exacting detail in 3d software packages, and they are then rapid prototyped in high resolution. This make them some of the most intricately detailed space ships ever made.

Want to know more? Then explore the site using the links to the left. This site is still in progress so keep an eye out for new material, and for empty pages to be filled. Ninjas are patient. Be like a ninja - the magic will happen.

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