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Assembly Instructions

Recommended Method

Tools needed: Hobby Knife, Cutting Mat, Cyanoacrylate Glue (super glue).

Step 1: Trimming Flash

There may be a bit of flash, bump, or ridge formed as a result of the casting process. For best results and appearance, this should be removed before assembly. Separate the small connector from the straight connector before starting as you do not want to put undue stress on the small connector's magnet.

For the straight connector, simply clean up the part carefully cutting off any bits of flash and smoothing any ridges. Though the teeth can take a fair bit of abuse and still do their job effectively, it is best to be careful and try not to damage them.

For the small connector, turn the Straight Connector upside down and place the small connector onto it with the magnet pointing up. This adds stability and makes the part easier to handle. Place the Straight Connector onto the cutting mat and always cut down toward the mat for safety. Place it on its side if flash needs to be removed from the Small Connector's teeth.

Step 2: Gluing the Straight Connector

Place a small drop of glue in the bottom of the Straight Connector. Then place the Straight Connector onto the flight stand. Line up the stand so you are looking straight at it from the front, with your eye (close the other eye) at the height of the teeth. Twist the straight connector until there is a tooth in front and the backside tooth is hidden from your view behind it. That way you know it is lined up properly. Take extra special care and try to get the first one perfect, as you'll only have to do it once as you'll see below.

If you are using a flight stand with a round base, you won't need to do the alignment during gluing, but do make a mark on the base using the above method to designate which direction is the front. This will be important for the next step and for compatibility with the other Magnetic Adapter accessories.

Hold the adapter in place until the glue holds and let dry before attempting to use a small connector with it.

If you use super glue accelerator, place the small drop of glue in the bottom of the straight connector as usual, then put a very slight amount of accelerator on the top of the flight stand. You barely want it damp or you risk the accelerator thinning the glue long enough to run down the side of the post hardening like a paint drip. When you bring them together, you'll have less than ten seconds to align the adapter.

Step 3: The Master Template for Small Connectors

The stand you've just created is now your master template for gluing small connectors onto your miniatures. Once it is dry, place a small connector onto it, then glue the miniature onto it as if you were gluing it normally to the flight stand, taking care to make sure the miniature is pointing toward the front of the flight stand. Hold in place until the glue hardens enough to hold the miniature without support. At this point carefully pull the small connector out of the straight connector and place the miniature upside down to finish drying so you can proceed to the next miniature.

This is where some super glue accelerator can make this process very quick. Place the small connector onto the stand, place a small drop of glue in the mounting hole of the miniature and put a tiny amount of accelerator on the small connector's peg. Mount the miniature and align it and probably ten seconds later pull it off and do the next miniature.

Step 4: The Master Template for Straight Connectors

Once the first small connector is glued onto a miniature, that miniature now becomes the master template for straight connectors. Stick a straight connector onto the miniature's small connector and use the miniature itself as the aligning tool instead of trying to eyeball it.

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