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With Hostile Intent

With Hostile Intent (WHI) is a tabletop wargame where you take command of a fleet of starships to fight fierce battles against your opponents. Maneuver miniature models of the mighty warships across the table as you direct devastating firepower to cripple and destroy your enemy.

Zip around the table by throttling up your hyperfield drives, rip holes in space and time using hypergate torpedoes to jump from star system to star system, seize objectives from your opponents, steal cargo in daring raids, fight desperate boarding actions, infect enemy starships with viruses, and even use escape pods to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat by the simple act of saving your crew.

Winning is not always a simple matter of destroying your opponent. The WHI rules can accommodate virtually any kind of scenario, and can seamlessly be incorporated into a campaign setting so the only limit is your imagination.
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